Do Pilots Get Free Flights For Their Family? (3 Considerations)

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A question often asked of airline flight crew members is Do Pilots Get Free Flights For Their Families?

Do Pilots Get Free Flights For Their Family?

Yes, some Airlines do offer Flight Crew members and their families free rides with space available and discounted passes. (Non-Revenue) These are nice perks for crews.

1. Perks

Some airlines do allow  employees free flights,

Flight crews are usually also offered a set number of passes for taxes and fees for use by family and friends. It is one of the best perks out there.

One of my close friends who is now a Senior Captain with JetBlue has consistently teased me and sent photos of his family enjoying some of the Caribbean’s best beaches!

However, all that glitters isn’t gold.

You Must Fly Standby

2. Flying Standby

This is either good or bad.

You and your companion might have the best chances of a free ride. It is space available so anyone that spent hard-earned money can bump you up until 15 minutes before the flight.

But in the perfect storm, you might get bumped right up until the airplane door closes.

If you have time on each end of your trip, it will make for a far better experience in the event you do get bumped.

Flying solo is the easiest way to go but you can get lucky with a group if you plan ahead.

Whenever I have used a pass I have had very good luck but I had jump seat privileges as well with 121 carriers so that I could commute to work. In a pinch, I could ride in the cockpit but times have changed since 2001. Riding in the cockpit is pretty much gone.

Flying standby is a risky deal. But it can be done.

3. The Upside

It is possible to fly all over the globe when you are an airline employee which can sometimes be First Class seats and discounts for the best hotels and cars, and restaurants. Oh and some handy shopping discounts too.

All of these little perks you can get just for the price of showing a current Airline ID.

I never took advantage of flying overseas because of duty time, I had to work so I never had time. I always thought I would go but the Caribbean and the Florida Keys became my recluse.



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