“Can A Woman Become An Airline Pilot?” ( 5 Yes You Can Facts)

Alaska Flight crew
1st Alaska African American crew

I have been asked this question too many times, “Can A woman Become An Airline Pilot?”.

I had the honor of flying with a few very good female pilots in my career.

“Can A Woman Become An Airline Pilot?”.

Yes, a woman can become an airline pilot. It has never been a better time to make it happen. Make a dream come true!

1. Be a Part of History.

Women have been involved in aviation since the days of lighter than air vehicles and there is a list of the world’s greatest aviators that most have never heard about.

Amelia Earhart is likely one that is known best because of the mystery of her disappearance.

A more recent member, a young lady, Zara Rutherford has been highlighted in Flying magazine as the youngest aviatrix to have circumnavigated the globe in a single engine aircraft. Her feat is threefold as she made the flight in a microlight and she is the first from Belgium to do so.

There is much more room for women to enter the hall if fame.

Joining the ranks of airline pilots can be just such a beginning.

2. The Numbers

Around the globe only 3% of the pilots are women and in the U,S, that number is only 5%. India has the most numbering 7%.

These numbers, this huge disparity is disgraceful.

Why isn’t the avocation as a pilot more appealing to the women of the world?

Perhaps the answer is just that the airline pilot stereotype is male The answer isn’t entirely clear and it is really irrelevant because women are in high demand as airline pilots as we are faced with a huge pilot shortage.

An article written in findapilot.com refers to a survey that states 33%of women polled stated that there are no real role models in aviation to look up to, which baffles me because I look up to the Amy Johnsons and Amelia Earharts as huge role models..

That plus I have seen women pilots in the world that had my respect as good pilots.

3. Qualifications

The rules and regulations for getting pilot license are the same for everybody and they are not difficult.

It’s just being 17 years old and being fluent in English because it is the International language of the world of aviation. And of course, being healthy physically and mentally.

The real quals in my mind are that one has an ability to understand systems (how the airplane works.) be situationally aware, and be able to quickly assess a situation and make wise decisions under stress.

Flying is hands-on so it is all about hand-to-eye coordination. Flying is fun and it is easy. There are some things that require some study but that isn’t all that difficult either if you develop good study habits.

4. More Good Reasons For A Woman To Become A Pilot

It is a very satisfying well paid occupation that allows freedom and still gives you the chance to see the world. Something that may not happen in the future with new technology advances.

You will gain confidence in yourself that you likely never imagined. The mastery of the magnificent flying machine is a feeling like none other that I have ever experienced. It was my greatest confidence builder.

You will gain the admiration of your peers because of your skill, knowledge, and ability without gender bias.

You will gain excellent resource management and decision-making skills while you interact with others.

The view from your office s magnificent and ever-changing,

5. Ways To Finance Your New Career

The cost of getting a Commercial Pilot License is around 86,000.00 USD and for some, it is simply out of reach unless other avenues can be found. These programs for aid are available, especially for women.

One of the most cost-efficient ways to realize savings in training costs is to buy an airplane to use for training and time building. If possible obtain a leaseback of the aircraft to a local flight school or FBO (Fixed Base Operation.)

You can apply for grants and scholarships that for women are abundant. A small amount of research will reveal them. I will mention a few here.

Women in Aviation, wia.org and the 99’s, ninety-nines.org, and a comprehensive list can be found here.

Don’t forget to check into grants as well. Pell grants are available for educational purposes


There has never been a better time in history for a woman to become an airline pilot.

There are a great number of people working to increase the number of women airline pilots.

Erin Lear, granddaughter of Bill Lear (Learjet) has launched the first all-female flight school, Birde, using an unprecedented method of aircraft the Byrd e/flyer an all-electric training airplane built by Bye Aerospace of Englewood CO, which will bring about a revolution in training by significantly reducing costs.

The academy is slated to officially launch in 2024

Can a woman become an airline pilot? I certainly think I can say, YES  you can.

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