Are Small Airplanes Safe? (6 Things to Consider)

Lear 60

Throughout the years I have been asked the question “Are Small Airplanes Safe? If you simply look at the statistics for small airplane accidents you will definitely see accident rates in these types of airplanes are much higher. Considering that the airlines last year had zero fatalities it is pretty obvious that the small airplane … Read more

Can You Fly Through Thunderstorms? (6 Thundering Thoughts)

Can you fly through Thunderstorm

Have you ever wondered “Can You Fly Through A Thunderstorm?” I have always thought thunderstorms were beautiful to watch from the ground and in the air. Throughout my years in aviation, I have had the opportunity to observe many thunderstorms. Also the bad luck of having to fly through them because it was the only … Read more

Can You Fly Through Cumulus Clouds? (5 Weather Facts)

  Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered, ” Can You Fly Through Cumulus Clouds?” There are a lot of different kinds of clouds out there but the big puffy ones that look soft and fluffy are called cumulus clouds. There are four types of cumulus clouds and we will discuss them … Read more

Why Are Some Planes Red on Flight Radar? (5 Magnetizing Thoughts)

Why Are Some Planes Red on Flight Radar

Have you ever wondered, “Why are Some Planes Red on Flight Radar?” Not many years back in aviation history flight following was very difficult. There just was not an easy way for anyone to know the location of an aircraft. When radar came along it opened a multitude of radio-tracking technologies. Why Are Some Planes … Read more

Can a Pilot Depressurize the Cabin? (5 Pressurizing Facts)

Can a Pilot Depressurize the Cabin

So, you’re wondering, “Can a Pilot Depressurize the Cabin?” It hasn’t been very long since the disaster of MH370 and speculation that the airplane was decompressed during flight incapacitating everyone on board. Another accident involving a Helios Boeing 737 Flight 522 from Cypress to Prague, Czech Republic decompressed and resulted in the largest airline disaster … Read more