“How Far Do Planes Fall During Turbulence?” (5 Flying Facts)

Airliner Over Thunderstorm

When you are flying in turbulent air do you think, “How Far Do Planes Fall During Turbulence?” It certainly feels like the airplane is falling, but is it really? Let’s find out. How Far Do Planes Fall During Turbulence? Aircraft may lose or gain around 100 feet, sometimes more, in turbulence. However, when an aircraft … Read more

“Can A Plane Flip Over in Turbulence?” (4 Flippin Thoughts)

Airliner Inverted

A somewhat controversial question that sometimes arises about aircraft in bad weather is “Can A Plane Flip Over In Turbulence?” I think it is a question that deserves discussion. “Can A Plane Flip Over In Turbulence?” Many will beg to differ, but YES, a plane can potentially be flipped over in flight in severe enough … Read more

Can You Fly Through Thunderstorms? (6 Thundering Thoughts)

Can you fly through Thunderstorm

Have you ever wondered “Can You Fly Through A Thunderstorm?” I have always thought thunderstorms were beautiful to watch from the ground and in the air. Throughout my years in aviation, I have had the opportunity to observe many thunderstorms. Also the bad luck of having to fly through them because it was the only … Read more