Why Do Pilots Say “Niner”? (5 Things about “Pilot Talk”)

Tailwind pushing an airplane

Why do pilots say “NINER?” Is that a word?  There is a good reason. Let’s find out why. Some call it the “secret” language of Pilots, but there are no secrets in the way pilots speak. There’s a perfectly logical reason for it. In this article, I will clear up any misconceptions concerning the language … Read more

Why Do Some Planes Have 2 Engines and Some Have 4? (6 Thoughtful Points)

Why Do Some Planes Have 2 Engines and Some e Have 4

“Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous but it is totally unforgiving of any inability, incapacity, or neglect” (unknown) I’m sure people wonder, Why Do Some Airplanes Have 2 engines and some have 4? I also think that most people don’t realize that four-engine airplanes date back to World War One. They were used as … Read more

Can a Fighter Pilot Become a Commercial Pilot? (5 Quality Traits)

“Can a Fighter Pilot Become a Commercial Pilot?” may seem to be a strange question to some people since military pilots have the best training the world has to offer. It truly is quite a  complex question. The thought process of flying commercially and flying militarily is a completely different scenario. The airlines have long … Read more