Are Pilots Afraid Of Turbulence? (4 Bouncing Facts)


I taught a lot of pilots how to fly in weather throughout my days flying FAR 135 operations and I was often asked, “Are Pilots Afraid Of Turbulence?” Turbulence while flying is uncomfortable and can cause unnecessary anxiety to all aboard. Are Pilots Afraid Of Turbulence? No, pilots are not afraid of turbulence. Some pilots … Read more

Are Small Airplanes Safe? (6 Things to Consider)

Lear 60

Throughout the years I have been asked the question “Are Small Airplanes Safe? If you simply look at the statistics for small airplane accidents you will definitely see accident rates in these types of airplanes are much higher. Considering that the airlines last year had zero fatalities it is pretty obvious that the small airplane … Read more

The determination to learn to fly

The method I chose to use for learning. By the time I had finished college, I had read the book “Think and Grow Rich by “Napoleon Hill” several times so I wasn’t unaware of Hill’s statement that “desire is the key” and I had a fever to learn. After waiting two years from my flying … Read more