How Do Fighter Pilots Pee or Poop? (6 Points to Ponder)

Fighter Pilot In theJet
Fighter Jet cramped quarters.

The question “How do fighter pilots pee or poop” has been asked of me enough times for me to write about it and give my best answer.

We have all been subjected to the time in our lives when one of these two unpleasant tasks has had to wait.

Being confined to a very small cockpit, the fighter pilot is placed in a rather uncomfortable position in order to accomplish either.

I was never a fighter pilot so I only imagine the hassle of removing a flight suit to do the needed exercise. I flew many trips far in excess of my sustainability so I do understand the dilemma.

Let’s examine some ways.


How Do Fighter Pilots Pee or Poop?

There are numerous products available on today’s market that make the task of voiding body waste much easier than those in the same situation in the past.  Portable waste bags for both sexes from Brief Relief are available that decompose products from defecation and urination.  Piddle packs are available for either male or female Pilots. 

1. The Saving Grace?

Perhaps this is a moving story!

The products available for being able to keep yourself comfortable while flying will never be very pleasant.

They are the best thing going on concerning the safety of flight.

I can say from experience that having a lavatory available is a really pleasant alternative to the confined area of a flight deck.

I think most would agree that the number “2” item on this “checklist” is just not going to happen and it will be put on hold unless it becomes the most important urgency.

2. To Be or Not to Pee

Since bowels are pretty well regulated over a 24-hour period of time to once, urination becomes the most important as we urinate six to seven times per day.

This is not just a problem for fighter pilots, it entails all flight crew members everywhere that have no alternatives in a non-lavatory airplane.

OH! The Pain!

Everyone knows the feeling. Knowing that it will be a long time for relief just adds to any anxiety.

Flight-pee devices
The flying diaper

3. Flight Distractions

Distractions from your duty of flying the aircraft are simply not allowed. The need to pee is uncomfortable anytime but when flying it’s a distraction from the tasks.

Being distracted because of a need to relieve oneself is only preventable before you leave the ground.

I have had the experience of flying Regional Freighters that had no way to relieve myself so many uncomfortable flights were endured.

You just get to wait till you kiss the ground and many times hit the ground running to the bathroom.

Most of the old airplanes I flew were devoid of autopilot and and single pilot  so you’d better be able to balance yourself quite well and still fly the airplane if the need became too intense.

4. The Fighter Pilot

There just is not a lot of room in a fighter for any more than the pilot and necessary gear so I  can only speculate on getting free of a flight suit for relief and safely fly the aircraft. Imagine being in the proximity of enemy targets at the same time.

Things could rapidly get out of hand. High anxiety!

5. History

Airplanes have been around a long time so the relief issue has been around that long too.  Relief tubes were used in both civilian and military airplanes but waste bags or buckets were likely anything that would accommodate the need.

The relief tube is just a small cup attached to a suction hose that was drained out of the airplane. Maybe it was not raining on your head.

Again it is speculation about what WW II  pilots did and what may have been used on a very long mission.


If you would care to take a look at the products that Brief Relief has to offer for this type of situation you can read more about them here.

And in case you are more of an inquisitive mind with an ability to invent, then there are possibilities right now with the United States Navy looking for new products for women.

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