Why Are Some Planes Red on Flight Radar? (5 Magnetizing Thoughts)

Why Are Some Planes Red on Flight Radar

Have you ever wondered, “Why are Some Planes Red on Flight Radar?” Not many years back in aviation history flight following was very difficult. There just was not an easy way for anyone to know the location of an aircraft. When radar came along it opened a multitude of radio-tracking technologies. Why Are Some Planes … Read more

Can a Pilot Depressurize the Cabin? (5 Pressurizing Facts)

Can a Pilot Depressurize the Cabin

So, you’re wondering, “Can a Pilot Depressurize the Cabin?” It hasn’t been very long since the disaster of MH370 and speculation that the airplane was decompressed during flight incapacitating everyone on board. Another accident involving a Helios Boeing 737 Flight 522 from Cypress to Prague, Czech Republic decompressed and resulted in the largest airline disaster … Read more

Why Do Pilots Say “Niner”? (5 Things about “Pilot Talk”)

Tailwind pushing an airplane

Why do pilots say “NINER?” Is that a word?  There is a good reason. Let’s find out why. Some call it the “secret” language of Pilots, but there are no secrets in the way pilots speak. There’s a perfectly logical reason for it. In this article, I will clear up any misconceptions concerning the language … Read more

Why Do Some Planes Have 2 Engines and Some Have 4? (6 Thoughtful Points)

Why Do Some Planes Have 2 Engines and Some e Have 4

“Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous but it is totally unforgiving of any inability, incapacity, or neglect” (unknown) I’m sure people wonder, Why Do Some Airplanes Have 2 engines and some have 4? I also think that most people don’t realize that four-engine airplanes date back to World War One. They were used as … Read more

Can a Fighter Pilot Become a Commercial Pilot? (5 Quality Traits)

“Can a Fighter Pilot Become a Commercial Pilot?” may seem to be a strange question to some people since military pilots have the best training the world has to offer. It truly is quite a  complex question. The thought process of flying commercially and flying militarily is a completely different scenario. The airlines have long … Read more