The determination to learn to fly

The method I chose to use for learning. By the time I had finished college, I had read the book “Think and Grow Rich by “Napoleon Hill” several times so I wasn’t unaware of Hill’s statement that “desire is the key” and I had a fever to learn. After waiting two years from my flying … Read more

My “Private Pilot’s License”

“First you do it” There’s a short poem by “Mason Williams” that he published back a long time ago and it goes like this. “First, you do it then you do it for fun, then you seriously do it, and then you’re done” I love airplanes. I have always loved airplanes even as a little … Read more

A Future of FLYING!! (Get Your License)

P51 D Prop

Global Aviation – A time to learn to fly. The opportunity for you to learn to fly and become competent enough to become a commercial pilot has never been better or easier. More people are flying every day for business and pleasure, which increases the need for new pilots and creates more new jobs and … Read more