Should I Become A Flight Attendant? (5 Reasons You Should.)

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Have you ever thought about becoming a Flight Attendant? Or perhaps you asked, Should I Become A Flight Attendant?  In this article let’s discover “How To Become A Flight Attendant.” And why you should.

Should I Become A Flight Attendant?

IF you have an outgoing personality with a great deal of patience with a love of helping and serving others, then by all means you should become a Flight Attendant.

1. Job Description

The duties of this position are to ensure the safety and comfort of all passengers aboard the flight and attend to their needs. They perform demonstrations on safety equipment and emergency procedures. They direct passengers and assure that all safety checks are performed. They are responsible for the execution of proper safety measures and protocol in the event of an evacuation.

Often referred to as Stewardesses or Cabin Attendants they are an essential part of the crew and must follow directives of the Captain through the use of Crew Resource Management. The use of CRM is designed to increase clear communication with all crewmembers to reduce error, reduce stress, and increase efficiency. This training is proven to improve safety. 

2. How To Become A Flight Attendant.

It isn’t quite as grueling to become a Flight Attendant as it is to become a Pilot, but the job requires nearly as much responsibility to assure a safe outcome for every flight.  

You must have a high school diploma or equivalent, (GED), and work experience in customer service is preferred. You must be eligible to work in the U.S., be at least 18 years of age, hold a valid U.S. Passport, and be able to pass a rigid background check and drug test.

If you have drug or alcohol convictions you will have a very tough time getting hired so it is wise to have a clean record. That means a clean driving record as well.

Remember though, that airlines are not always the greatest companies to work for but if it is your dream 2022 is the year to apply.

2. Disqualification?

There are some other items that will most definitely disqualify you from an airline flight crew position.

As I stated above drug and alcohol convictions are bad news but if you have a felony within 5 years or more than one felony, your chance is likely gone.

Acts of violence or terrorism are obviously frowned upon as well as any crime involving an aircraft. Terrorism is definitely not a resume item!

3. The Flight Attendant Job Outlook.

The hiring outlook for Flight Attendant jobs is at its historical best with the growth being 20 to 30% from 2020 to 2030.

That means by projected standards around 17,600 jobs per year, but I recently spoke with a senior Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant friend of mine and he stated that SWA was looking to hire 15,000 FA’s this year alone.

How many are really needed for all the U.S. Major Carriers, and other carriers worldwide in the near future?

4. What About Travel? (The Perks).

If you want to see the world and stay in exotic places in the best hotels while working then this job is for you. 

You also will have the ability to travel on your days off anywhere you choose with your family or friends at a reduced cost. It is all standby travel though so it really can cause you some grief when you get bumped.

On your own airline, you may also receive occasional free travel benefits. 

Don’t forget paid vacations holiday pay and personal time.

Your airline ID will get reduced rates in hotels and restaurants as well as car rentals and other travel-related items.  

And You Will Pay Me How Much?

The beginning of any career doesn’t start out at the top of the pay scale but the money will flow. 

Research the airlines or corporations you want to work for and you will see that FA’s can make as little as $16 per hour up to 65 to $7o.oo per hour. 

A recent search for Flight Attendant salaries revealed some interesting numbers that surprised me with the average salary at nearly $80,000.00 with a low of $64,109.00 and a high of $99,028.00. That is some nice payday for high school education. You can read more here.

5. Airline Or Corporate Job?

Flying for a Corporation as a Flight Attendant requires the same training as an Airline position. The major difference is that most companies want experienced personnel since many times only one FA is present on a corporate aircraft.

Each position has its positives but if you are just starting out it may be unlikely that you could land a job in a corporate environment. However, in this time of massive hiring by the Airlines, corporations will be hard-pressed to find people as well. 

In either choice, the job is exactly the same in serving your passengers and making each flight a safe and enjoyable experience.

Final Thoughts.

I have great respect for the people who choose to be in service as Cabin crew members because their job requires lots of patience and they must be prepared for any situation. An unruly person on board must be handled just as calmly as an aircraft emergency. 

A cool head may be the best defense when things become tense on an aircraft. 

From my experience flying can lay down some very frightening moments that panic or overreaction could lead to a disastrous outcome.

 Only you can answer the question, Should you become a Flight Attendant? 

Flying truly is the safest mode of travel so the risk is very low. Accident rates continue to drop each year even with the increased number of aircraft flying at any given time worldwide.

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